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Preparing to Have Your Home Repainted

When painting a home, thorough preparation is essential to ensure an outstanding finish.

What does this preparation involve, and what can you do to help prepare?

First, you'll need to plan your vision. Consider the colour scheme you want as well as your budget and schedule for the project. Give the experts at PND Painting a call for advice on colours, finishes and more. We can inspect your site and provide you with a quote to get started.

You can then sit back and let our team do the rest. We recognise that the highest quality painting services require the best possible preparation. Here's what we do to prepare:

  • Remove or cover furniture and wall hangings

  • Cover your floor with drop cloths

  • Clean the walls

  • Fill holes and ensure the wall surface is smooth

We also offer additional services that not only make your property look superior, but will help prepare surfaces for painting. These includes pressure cleaning, small plastering repairs and mould removal, essential for an outstanding finish.

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