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How to Make Small Rooms Feel Larger


Natural Light

Allowing natural light into your home will instantly open it up and make the interior feel larger. Make use of any natural light you have access to with large windows and mirrors. This will connect the room with the outdoors, creating a more open and welcoming atmosphere.

Use Lighter Coloured Paint

Lighter colours make a room look bigger and brighter, while dark colours, textured patterns and bricks can make a room feel closed in. Consider choosing a light colour for your walls with the same colour in a quarter or half strength for trims and doors, allowing the colours to blend together and make the room feel even larger.


Instead of using dark heavy pieces, choose furniture in a similar shade to your walls. You can also use couches with visible legs or even a glass coffee table to create the illusion or more space. You can then use art, throws or pillows to add personality and colour to your room.

Finding ways to create space without renovating can be difficult, but colours and furnishings make a big difference. Contact PND Painting for advice on what colours to use to create the spacious home you've been looking for.

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