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Does price really make a difference to the quality of the paint?


Does price really make a difference to the quality of the paint? There are certain area’s in your home or business that warrant an investment in a higher quality and therefore higher priced paint. Higher quality paints contain more resin which is added to give the paint sheen and strength which in turn, makes it more durable. The downside of high resin paints is that this type of paint makes wall imperfections show up more easily. High use areas or kitchens and bathrooms would look better for longer with a more durable paint. Using a paint with a matte finish that is also washable, is a good option for these high use areas.

Different Paint Finishes

It helps to understand the difference between flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, high-gloss and satin paint finishes. If you don't choose the right type of sheen, it can dramatically make a difference to the way a room looks when it's finished. Flat and Matte Finish - 0 to 10% gloss Flat paint does not reflect light and is mostly used on ceilings and walls of formal rooms. Flat finishes are usually non-washable and cleaning is not advised however, scuffs and scratches on flat wall paint can be easily touched up. Eggshell and Satin Finish - 10 to 35% gloss This paint has a low sheen and is durable. Eggshell finishes are normally used on walls, have a slightly higher sheen level than flat, and clean better than flat finishes as they can endure moderate level cleaning. This paint work is not easy to touch up as the paint doesn’t apply evenly. Semi-gloss - 35 to 70% gloss Paint with a semi-gloss finish goes on smoothly and has a nice gleam without being too dramatic. Trims, doors, windows and cabinets are the surfaces most often applied with semi-gloss as they are durable and can be cleaned heavily. Gloss - 70 to 85% gloss Gloss paint has a has a shinier finish than semi-gloss and is popular for trims, doors and cabinets and looks almost plastic. High gloss paint offers durability and washability making it ideal for cupboards and cabinets. This paint finish shows imperfections so it requires a lot of prep work.

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