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The Art of Painting a Queenslander

THE ART OF PAINTING A QUEENSLANDER The Queenslander is one of the most distinctive architectural house designs in Australia. There is nothing quite like these archetypal timber and tin homes to invoke the character and feel of a bygone era. Uniquely Australian, the Queenslander was developed in the 1840’s to withstand its namesake state’s sub-tropical climate. Queenslanders tend to be weatherboard constructions, raised high on stumps to allow breezes to pass through and rainwater to flow past. Having stood the test of time, Queenslanders are now ripe for renovation!

Heritage Queenslander painting is different from residential and industrial painting as the important steps occur before painting begins, such as the removal of old paint or gap filling VJ walls.

Five Steps for a Great Finish -

1. Start sanding with an electric sander. You don’t need to sand back to the wood, just remove the glossy layer

2. Wash the walls with sugar soap to get the surface clean and remove paint residue

3. Fill the gaps in the VJ’s with a quality gap filler

4. Prime the wall with a good quality primer. This stops the previous paint layer from showing through, especially if its oil-based

5. Start painting! Two coats will ensure a good finish

When choosing the right paint colour for your heritage-style Queenslander home, it’s difficult to know which palette will ensure your home looks its best. Home owners can fall into the trap of choosing colours that don’t accentuate the home’s character, but actually date it considerably.

When it comes to a heritage Queenslander home repaint, it’s important to use an experienced heritage home painter. Even if you have your heritage colours sorted, they will only look as good as the skills of the painter. Here’s why it’s important to always use an experienced heritage home painter such as PND Painting:

• PND Painting can identify repairs for a heritage home repaint • PND Painting can distinguish previous paint products or colours • PND Painting can work with the fine detail and intricacies that come with a heritage home repaint

Helpful Hint: Haymes Paints have cleverly put together information on how to identify your homes period style and some of the associated authentic colours. Click here

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