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Paint Colour Trends for Spring/Summer 2016/2017

PND Painting asked Interior Design Professional and Feather & Lawry Design Director, Clare Feather, for an insight into the latest paint colour trends for 2016.

Insights by Clare Feather:

Life today is spent mostly indoors with an addiction to technology, so in response, botanical greens are being used to bring the outside in. All sorts of greens are being used in interiors from sharp and clean, to muddied. We are also seeing the uplifting colours of sunsets, sunrises and garden blooms being used.

People are more connected to different cultures around the world, either through today's ease of travel or the ever-present internet. This brings more confidence to mix and match colours in unexpected combinations that previously we would never have used together. A more handmade, artisan approach is favourable. It’s not about perfection. Washed blues and dusky nudes are creating spaces with character that are easy to live with.

The richness of the earthy tones with browns going more towards bronze and metallic coppers are popular, as are the much loved warm greys evolving to silvery shades, through to slatey charcoals. Inky blues and greys complement architectural materials such as concrete, steel and glass.

Off whites are being swapped for beige, greige, cream or chalk giving a softer feel with more depth and deeper more complex colours are layered with more subtle undertones. Pops of intense colour are being used as feature accents.

For further inspiration, visit the Dulux Colour Trends for 2017 Online Magazine, 'Antidote: a Colour Cure'.

Tip - Look to fabrics used in homewares and clothing combinations to give clues to paint colour trends.

Feather & Lawry Design Toowoomba, Queensland

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