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Preventing Mould Growth When Painting

Winter is the season for mould growth in Toowoomba, especially in suburbs where houses are regularly shrouded in fog and mist. No structure is immune to the presence of mould spores and that includes your home. The good news is that choosing the right type of paint and taking proper care of your painted surfaces can make a huge difference in the prevention of mildew and mould growth.

Certain types of paint are more resistant to mould growth than others. For instance, mould grows more quickly on exterior flat paint than gloss or semi-gloss enamels. Mould spores have difficulty adhering to glossier paints because they are less porous than flat paints. For better resistance to mould growth, choose a 100% acrylic latex paint rather than a vinyl acrylic paint.

If you do have mould on your house paint, do not paint over it as it will only accelerate the damage to your paint. It will quickly reappear and the problem will be compounded because the mould will be sealed between the previous and new coats of paint. Before repainting, it will be necessary for the paint to be completely stripped or treated.

Please ask our painting professionals for the best advise on reducing mould growth on your paint work.

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