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Yes, You Should Paint Your Home Before You Sell!

PND Painting - Toowoomba House Painters

Ask any real estate agent ... buyers do prefer freshly painted homes. In fact, online advertising campaigns that feature photographs with sparkling walls and mention fresh paint draw higher numbers of potential buyers to inspections, leading to more genuinely interested parties. It only takes a short moment for a potential buyer to connect with a property, so optimising your property before it goes on the market is the way to go.

Repainting is one of the easiest and most effective home improvements you can do before you sell, namely because it’s relatively inexpensive and usually has a big impact on your ability to attract an offer quickly and at your ideal price. We recommend at least touching up both the exterior and interior of your home.

Painting the Properties Exterior The importance of a good first impression on buyers cannot be emphasized enough. It’s vital to make sure that the front of your home is as well-presented as possible. Badly maintained homes or those with a distasteful paint colours will be off-putting to buyers and may well cause them to offer a lower bid or simply look elsewhere. Neutral colours are generally recommended because they will appeal to a wider range of potential buyers. Although bold colours can be exciting, they may fall out of fashion or make your home stand out for all the wrong reasons. You can play around with colour by painting the trim a bolder shade, to make your property really pop.

Painting the Properties Interior Peeling or dirty paint inside your home will signify to buyers that you haven’t taken good care of the property and that there may be other problems lurking below the surface. Wallpaper usually turns potential buyers off as well, because it often features busy patterns and makes the house seem outdated. We recommend choosing light, neutral colours for both the interior and the exterior of the home. This is because light colours can open up even a small space, making it appear brighter and larger. Neutral colours can also allow the buyer to visualise themselves living in your home. This helps to de-personalise the property and create a clean slate.

Check our these before and after house exterior paint renovations -

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