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Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Painter and not DIY!

PND Painting - Toowoomba House Painters

Painting is a relatively simple job that can have a dramatic effect on your home. You can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and even increase your house value by simply repainting your home. Many people try to do the job themselves and miss out on the benefits of choosing a professional painter.

Time and Inconvenience of Painting Yourself You could do it yourself but how long do you think it would take to get the job done with only nights and weekends to finish? Do you really want to use your annual leave to paint your home? Even working flat out, it could take up to a month to get a whole house painted. You have to move your furniture and other items around, lay down plastic sheeting, tape up your windows and other portions of your walls, and prepare yourself with masks and gloves. There is also the cost of the scaffolding to consider and properly prepping the area to ensure a great finish!

Choosing the Right Paint for the Job Then comes the fun part… choosing the right colour and type of paint to use. Who knew that white came in so many different shades! A professional painter is going to ensure that you get the best quality and correct products on your surfaces. That interior grade paint might the perfect shade, but is it really suitable to use on an exterior wall? PND Painting ensure that you get the best durability and finish by using the best quality products on the right surfaces every time.

PND Painting Toowoomba have got you covered with expert trade qualified painters that will complete the job inside and out to display home perfection, all while protecting the garden, internal flooring and windows. You will get the finish that you are looking for without the stress of bringing home the wrong shade of paint or losing precious time with the family.

Call today for an obligation free quote to get the perfect results that you deserve.

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