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Have you seen the latest Dulux Colour Forecast for 2021?

Painters Toowoomba

Have you seen the latest Dulux Colour Forecast for 2021?

Dulux have recently released their suggested colour palette trends for the coming new year, with three primary colour palettes, Nourish, Reset, and Retrat. We love the Retreat colour palette as the tones are gentle, simplistic, and fashionable, perfect for any building style.

Nourish - Nourish is an appreciation of natural beauty that provides an escape from our digitally saturated environment. The warm, gentle tones revitialise the atmosphere and offer tranquility and comfort within your home. - View Colours Reset - Reset offers a retro vibe with bold and uplifting burts of colour that ignite the comfort of 70's nostalgia. Energise your home with this extensive mix of old and new hues that will surely brighten the atmosphere of your living space. - View Colours Retreat - Retreat utilises the power of contrast to create a relaxing aestetic that embodies a living environment of family, work and play. This simplistic palette creates a sense of comfort and security which makes it perfect for any home setting.- View Colours

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